Membership Information

Amendment to Rules of the Association

** Please note – There is no complimentary first year membership. The fees outlined are already correct except we now offer a full one payment membership for $150.00 which is a lifetime subscription and no more to pay. We still have the $15.00 full member per year if you choose to not pay the lifetime subs **

At a Special General Meeting of the Retired Firefighters Association of Queensland Inc on Tuesday 1st April, 2008. Members voted in favour of a motion to amend Rule 16 of the Association’s Constitution so as to allow for the election of office bearers to occur by way of postal ballot.

In summary the constitution requires that “where there is any contest for offices a postal ballot shall be conducted. All financial members entitled to vote shall receive from the Returning Officer: a ballot paper for each contested office; voting instructions; a stamped envelop addressed to a locked bag and; a declaration envelope.


(E)   The Treasurer shall cause payments to  be petty

Cash, Cheque (  or by electronic fund transfer.)

(  F  )   All amounts of  (ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS or

over shall be paid by Cheque or by Electronic


(  I  )   All Cheques and (all electronic fund transfers )                                                                                            are to be signed (or authorised as the case maybe)  by any                                                                   two of the President, Secretary,                                                                                                                          Treasurer, or another member of the Association                                                                                        authorised by the management committee for that                                                                                  purpose.

A copy of the amended rules can be obtained from the secretary without cost.

Membership Eligibility

Retired Firefighters Assoc app form

Full Member (per year) - Any ex-firefighter (urban, rural or auxiliary) or equivalent, who has retired with honorable discharge.

Associate Member (per year)- Wives or partners, serving members, or ex-employees of the Fire Service.

Notice: From January 2009, the membership year will commence on 1st January. A reminder notice and application form will appear in each edition of the AFTERBURNER newsletter.

Applications and Fees should be forwarded to-

Doug Watts, Secretary RFFAQ, 28 Albutt Street, Kuraby QLD 4112

Annual Events to Remember.

First Monday in July - Firefighters reunion Enoggerra Bowls Club. To be held at Toombul

The Annual General Meeting is held in September each year. Watch the website and Afterburners for the exact date.

10th October – Commemorative Service for Fallen Firefighters. 1000 Hrs. St Brigids Church Red Hill.

December – B Shift Bash – Kedron Wavell Services Club – the exact date will be notified when it is available. Watch your Afterburners or check the website.

Mark these events in your diary for future reference.

If you have any photos or interesting information, please forward them onto the webmaster and/or the secretary.